The truth in urban legends

The legend had it that a figure with a severely burned face lurked around an abandoned train tunnel at night and made electricity go haywire with his very presence.

His name was Andre Rand, and he worked as a janitor at the Willowbrook State School before it shut down in While sites like Listverse do their best to debunk these legends, some of us become so tired of all the nonsense that we simply dismiss anything absurd-sounding as soon as we hear it.

The girl started receiving messages from a local year-old sweet talker named Kyle Ravenscroft, who texted that he was watching her and that he wanted her to awaken to the sight of him hanging outside her window.

There is even a documentary called Cropsey that examines the truth about the man and the myth. The woman was covered in gold paint, which led to her eventual asphyxiation. Some would say Hooper played an active role, while others contend Spielberg made adjustments after Hooper set up camera shots and scenes.

One of the most enduring urban legends claims that drugs were stuffed inside an already dead baby, and a woman was asked to pretend it was her child to get it through customs.

His name was Raymond Robinsonand he had suffered a severe accident involving an electrical line that left him with a disfigured face. The only solution was to amputate them from her body entirely, leaving her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Jerry hopes to someday complete the film, which remains to this day, a significant expression of cinematic art, suspended in the abyss of international litigation. The urban legend suggests that the U.

The body was actually that of criminal mastermind Elmer McCurdy, who was killed in a shootout after robbing a train in Types[ edit ] Crime stories As with traditional urban legends, many Internet rumors are about crimes either fictional, or based on real events but blown out of proportion.

They may be spread through Usenet or email[26] or more recently by social media. Sometimes, the truth is even more disturbing than the legend.

The name is so popular that even Google Maps uses it. It functioned like a drug, and it gave its players seizures and nightmares. In the late 19th century, William Tebb tried to compile all the instances of premature burial from medical sources of the day.

The reality is that painting your body would not lead to death. A Space Odyssey in A few months later, his gas mask and camouflage coat appeared in the woods, along with a mysterious note hinting that he was harmless and could no longer stand being viewed as some kind of monster.

Because of this, he became a bit of a recluse, staying inside during the day and only venturing out at night.

Urban legend

That may not be true, but these bizarre urban legends are or were at least inspired by truth. In some versions of this legend, the contact cannot be removed, while in others, it just requires incredibly painful surgery to get it unstuck.

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What is true is that ina pair of mysterious and scary incidents occurred in that area involving a man dressed in a bunny suit. Check out these creepy stories from the most haunted places in America.

The legend revolves around a series of killings that supposedly occurred between and In Chicago, a woman named Ruthie McCoy was killed by a group of intruders who entered her apartment through the gap in the wall made for the medicine cabinet.

Though, answering that bell sounds like a good way to get ambushed by a zombie if you ask us. While these experiments were not performed on people, a Russian scientist named Maria de Manaceine did perform some forced wakefulness experiments on live subjects during the s.

For an unsubstantiated urban legend, the specifics of these murders are very consistent, right down to the names and grisly details of the murder victims. Back in the s, a group of 2, middle school students in Pennsylvania attempted a world-record tug-of-war game. While this is far from the norm, there have been several real accounts of fully grown gators living in sewers, especially in the southern United States.

The unsubstantiated legend holds that, ina bus crashed while transferring patients from an asylum in Fairfax County, Virginia. With so many people involved, deaths and serious injuries are almost a certainty. In both, he was a murderous creeper hunting for lost children.

The Discovery Channel TV show MythBusters — tried to prove or disprove urban legends by attempting to reproduce them using the scientific method.

The Truth Behind 10 Movie Urban Legends

However, while some challenges such as the above are overhyped, or actually do good like the Ice Bucket Challenge, some of the more innocent-sounding challenges are actually quite dangerous.

It was believed that this figure was the ghost of a boy who used to live in the house where Three Men and a Baby was being shot. As is usually the case, teenage intuition is dead wrong, and she later discovers the creep on the other end of the line was within striking distance the entire time.

This not only happened, but back in the day it happened with alarming regularity. Black cats in particular are often thought of as bad luck, and other people accuse those who practice Satanism or witchcraft of using black cats in their alleged evil rituals—especially in ways that would injure or otherwise mistreat the animals.

Unfortunately, games like this can be a choking hazard, especially when unsupervised children are involved, and Chubby Bunny could claim yet more lives if people continue to play it.Seeking truth, exposing fiction. Frozen vegetable recalls have been issued in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom after a listeria outbreak killed nine.

The Internet is stuffed to the gills with urban legends of every kind. In general, they exist to shock you or make you believe something ridiculous in orde. 9 Unbelievable Urban Legends (That Happen To Be True) Facebook.

Twitter. Google Plus. The Truth: Penn State student Betsy Aardsma was beautiful, bright. Debunk urban legends, fake news sites, and internet hoaxes here. Urban Legends. The Truth Behind The Urban Legend of Worms As Filler in Fast Food.

List. The definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation. Our list of the Top 50 most intriguing and questionable items currently making the online rounds.

The truth in urban legends
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