Lady macbeths diary 2 essay

He no longer tells me anything and trusts no one. Although Duncan is dead, Macbeth says that at least nothing can hurt him any more.

Maybe he is just a really evil man. I then started to imagine what was going on, but at one point I thought he had not done it. Instead we feel threatened and unsafe.

Lady Macbeth’s Diary Essay

To strengthen him up, I told him a few home truths. My husband he scares me, he has not ridden the guilt form his system and feels the horrible deceit inside. Until now I was much more determined and strong.

My husband and I, we have done an unworthy deed, the death of our king Lady macbeths diary 2 essay the blood is on our hands.

Lady Macbeth Diary

He feels so advanced on this murderous course of action that like wading across a river of blood it is as easy to go on as it is to go back.

He might want to prove that he can still do things for himself. Maybe he is so mixed up that he cannot sort out the difference between right and wrong.

He is a man of action but gets confused when he loses his sense of right and wrong. Macbeth was still frightened because of what he had done.

His sleep is becoming tormented: What has happened to the man I married, who was a noble, brave and loyal subject of the rigtful king? Anyways, after that he had said what if our plan fails and I then replied we will not fail because when Duncan is asleep you will go to his chamber and do as your fortune says.

It was so perfect, so much had happened with Macbeth and I already told Macbeth about my joy and exited on his achievement. When I returned I found him transfixed with thoughts of blood and guilt and once again I took charge of the situation.

Unlike earlier I would have been able todo the most terrible deeds, I feel that now that I could not have even carried out the murder of Duncan myself because the sleeping Duncan reminds me of my father. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Maybe it is his way of protecting me.

I fear that he will unleash the truth from his system into the air, I have to share this with someone I trust you so I chose you; I hope you are not angry at what we have done because now it is done and cannot be changed. After discussion he changed his mind and said he will do the deed.

I told him to go and wash the blood from his hands.

Lady Macbeth’s Diary Essay Sample

When Macbeth came back he was carrying two bloody daggers. To make his fate come true we had to the deed, would you have not done the same? Some warrior what Macbeth is! I said my husband is as weak as a newborn. I thrive for more as I feel our fates can go further than they already have, I wish for us to die king and queen of Scotland but I know this may not happen because of Banqous children.

I hope you understand the reasons for us killing graceful Duncan. The night of the banquet I have found him standing alone in a room thinking to himself. I wish you could understand what I am going through and wish that you can respect me for what I have done although it is unnatural to kill someone especially the king.

Then after I had given Macbeth the signal to go ahead with our plan. You will be the next king. How wrong could I have been? My ruthless determination to make him king has overcome all his doubts.

They told him of his fate and what would happen to them during the future, they told him of his destiny to be king and also Banqous children becoming king someday after Macbeth. Maybe he does not know what to do and is acting on the spurof the moment, without really thinking too much. After that we just washed our hands with water and went to get dressed into our nightgown to make it look like we just woke up.

We are supposed to feel happy, excited and at the peak of our lives. He said he would proceed no further with my plan. More essays like this:Lady Macbeth Diary Dear Diary, When I found out Duncan was coming to stay, I was anxious and excited that the king was coming to my castle.

It was so perfect, so much had happened with Macbeth and I already told Macbeth about my joy and exited on his achievement. The Guilt Of Lady Macbeth English Literature Essay.

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You can view samples of our professional work here. My dearest Lady Macbeth urges me to control my own future and murder Duncan to obtain the position.

But to imagine myself, dagger in hand, scares me. Essay about Macbeth Diary Entries Dear diary, I was one of the best soldiers. I fought for my king, alongside one of my closest friends, Banquo. Lady Macbeth's Diary Essay - Lady Macbeth's Diary Dearest Diary, I find my self, on this dark winter's morn, at my tethers end.

My dearest Macbeth hath been gone for near four weeks and three moons and I have reason to worry for his safety. “Diary entry in the perspective of Lady Macbeth” 12th August "When love speaks, the voice of all the gods Make heaven drowsy with the harmony.

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Lady macbeths diary 2 essay
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