A report on the proposed automobile improvements including advanced air bag systems

How Airbags Work

Even when properly belted, drivers positioned too close to the steering wheel are at risk of serious injury from a deploying air bag.

The results of engineering compromises are less than satisfactory. This is to prevent the pelvis from diving below the lap belt during a frontal impact or submarining. From around the yearside-impact airbags became commonplace on even low- to mid-range vehicles, such as the smaller-engined versions of the Ford Fiesta and Peugeotand curtain airbags were also becoming regular features on mass-market cars.

It could be a field, but it does not have to even be a field. These are fitted in the backrest of the front seats, and protect the head as well as the torso.

Functional analysis is a process that examines a technical system from the viewpoint of its functions, considering the relative priorities and costs associated with each system function.

Using Table 1, functional statements are read from the left column, horizontally to an appropriate cell, and upwards to the top row of the table. The author composed a detailed White Paper: The present report is a synopsis of that detailed study.

They also differ in the angle of deployment. NHTSA and IIHS If children must sit in front, make sure the vehicle seat is all the way back and that the child is securely buckled and sitting back in the seat at all times.

The particle size of the initial reactants is important to reliable operation. Air bags need time to fully inflate before contacting occupants, but they also need to inflate fast to prevent forward motion of occupants.

For most people, the only effect the dust may produce is some minor irritation of the throat and eyes. The Center points out that all fatalities and serious injuries caused by air bags were in low-speed crashes, and that in high-speed crashes, either the air bag protected people, or they would have died anyway.

If the air bag speed is lower, even very short occupants will not be fatally injured by air bag impact, but statistically more occupants of vehicles will be fatally injured as a result of more severe collisions. Some safety experts advocated a performance-based occupant protection standard rather than a standard mandating a particular technical solution, which could rapidly become outdated and might not be a cost-effective approach.

Air Bag Safety Facts

Advanced air bags will enhance occupant protection and air bag safety but will not eliminate all risks.

NHTSA Driver air bags reduce deaths in frontal crashes by 26 percent for drivers wearing safety belts and 32 percent for unbelted drivers.

This means that they are exposed to extremely high forces. This design solution should raise no new problems, should require minimal system changes use of existing system resources is encouragedand should be as good or better at its primary function than the existing air bag system design.

Most vehicles equipped with side curtain airbags also include side torso airbags. The GM cars from the s equipped with ACRS had a driver-side airbag, a driver-side knee restraint [29] which consists of a padded lower dashboardand a passenger-side airbag.IMPROVED AIR BAG SAFETY. On September 18,NHTSA proposed new rules to improve air bag safety by requiring the introduction of advanced air bags over the next several years.

These advanced air bag systems will increase air bag effectiveness and safety by reducing the risk of harm to out-of-position vehicle occupants from air bag deployment.

NHTSA’ S ADVASYCED AIR BAG TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH PROGRAM Lori Summers WilIiam T. Hallowell on advanced air bag systems, This paper presents an overview of this effort.

BACKGROUND notice of proposed rulemaking to allow automobile dealers and repair shops to deactivate air bags at a. Advanced Air Bag Inflator and Crash Sensor Testing Through a cooperative research effort of the MVSRAC Advanced Air Bag Technology Working Group, the agency has conducted a series of static out-of-position tests, dynamic sled tests, and a full scale vehicle crash test using advanced multi-stage air bag inflator and crash sensing technology.

No- Compromise Design Solutions to the Air Bag Fatalities Problem. Editor | On 16, Apr to save lives rather than take them. Dr. Kowalick and his company have completed a special “white paper” for the air bag and automobile industries, for health, including air bag systems, follow a predictable path of technical evolution.

Airbag in Automobile Seminar Report pdf - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free/5(16). NHTSA mandated that automakers begin phasing them in for the model year, and by September 1,every new car and truck produced had advanced frontal airbags.

Another possible solution to the problem of airbag injuries is GM's variation on the advanced airbag.

A report on the proposed automobile improvements including advanced air bag systems
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